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Kids Race

Saturday June 8th, 2024 at 10:15

Bibs distribution from 08:00 to 09:30

Scenic Trail is a way of life, a springboard for a healthy existence in contact with Nature. Everyone who came to visit us knows this. The conformation of the territory and the hardness of the paths created by our ancestors are however very demanding for younger children. The Kids Race was created to make them feel like little heroes and light up the sacred fire of sport in them. A path where no one loses and everyone has fun, precisely to leave a strong emotion in the hearts of the little ones, full of healthy principles and above all enriching from a human point of view.

While the grown-ups are fighting with the atmospheric elements, following endless ridges and slopes on the mountains, in the cool of the Capriasca woods, with some exciting passages, the little ones can instead follow their own path. Supervised by parents and Scenic Trail staff, they will venture on a track suitable for them and take home a small gadget as a testimony of their performance. With good or bad weather, alone or in company, these are the moments that shape the character of human beings. Who knows, a first step towards a sporty, healthy and satisfying life?

Children are not vases to be filled. They are fires to light!

the first steps

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